Allmusic Institute


For attendants from all over the Cape, workshops unleash interesting exchange of ideas among teachers. This often creates an opportunity to discuss problems unique to each situation in the music field. Among others, the following workshops were successfully presented:

  • Orff
  • Piano Teaching Method
  • Djembe
  • Class teaching method
  • Music Room
  • Piano Adventures
  • Ukulele

If you require a workshop on a particular topic, you are free to contact Anna-Marie at 083 760 6774.

Instrumental Sales

Allmusic stocks violins, guitars, ukuleles, trumpets, saxophones, and has almost sold any possible instrument on request. If not in stock, Anna-Marie orders and stock normally arrives per courier within days. Because of our knowledge in the instrumental field, clients gladly enquire knowing that they will receive good advice, various options, and quotes. Pricing is reasonable as we endeavour to seek the best possibility to suit the client's needs. Please consult with Anna-Marie at 021 981 5551 for expert advice and service.

Crescendo Institute South Africa (CISA)

The CISA is a Non Profit Company with a Public Benefit Organisation certificate. It is a sister organisation of Crescendo International started in 1985 as a network among professional Christian musicians worldwide. This network has grown to more than 2000 musicians in more the 40 countries (

In 2016 the first successful Crescendo Institute was held at Somerset College. In 2018, the second followed at Durbanville High School. Lessons in Violin, Cello, Flute, Opera and lectures on Focus on Education were offered ( Remarking on the overall experience, some of the attendants commented:

  • VERY NICE!!! Would do it all over again in a heartbeat...wonderful people, safe environment, amazing teachers, WONDERFUL!!!!
  • It was exactly what we all needed. Was such a positive environment where no one feels like going home! Me too!
  • Something never to be missed!!! This was really an inspiring week that changed my outlook on life, teaching, performing, etc.

The CISA would like to have a representative in each of the nine Provinces in South Africa. If you are interested, please contact Sjoerd ( or Anna-Marie (

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For more information view our website: You can also visit the CISA Facebook Page Here.