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In a time of uncertainty, musicians have the ability to change moods, keep spirits high and stimulate emotional health in society.

Life must go on and we can, and must, play a meaningful role in this.

We are keeping our normal business hours and have the basic hand sanitation precautions in place.

Our premise offers enough space for you to come and browse.

If you choose to receive your orders at home,  we are offering a 50% discount on courier costs.

We are going online next week!


Many musicians are experiencing a loss of income, but, I am convinced this will become better in the near future.

In my opinion, it is important to use the extra time to keep practicing, discover new pieces, and find creative ways to better one’s performance until things return to normal. How about learning to play a new instrument!

One can make video-recordings for self-evaluation, organize skype lessons, and discover new ensemble pieces with some colleagues.  

You are always welcome to call us for assistance in whatever way.

Allmusic Newsletter

Allmusic received the official go ahead to supply Yamaha instruments to our clients, indeed a lovely birthday present! We will mainly focus on woodwinds and brass instruments.

Attached:  Baroque Festival ( and Trinity Catalogue of books Allmusic supply. This will confirm the validity of 2019 exam books for 2020. Information about a music post available from 1 Jan 2020.

Due to the popularity of our sale we have decided to extend it to include the coming school holidays. For all instruments we have Henle and Wiener Urtexts, interesting performance piece, technique books and tutors (woodwind, brass, percussion, strings, piano, guitar, ukulele) and theory books are all available at 10% discount,  while stocks lasts. Take the opportunity to purchase Music Room, the excellent series for Music in the Class Room, at 10% discount. It has everything you need for CAPS and much, much more!  Complete lesson plans, recorded music, posters, DVD’s and a the bird’s eye view of content, makes the series easy to use. Planning in Afrikaans is available on request.

Here follows a summary of discussions among clients: The world of music changed a lot over the last 10 years, technology having played an important role, especially in the way people spend their time, resulting in a need for immediate satisfaction, also in the music field. People want to skip the normal path of development from beginning to a proficient technical and musical level. It is only once they experienced the joy of mastering exiting music pieces through regular practice that this attitude changes. Especially when they realize music plays an important role in the emotional and mental development, and health.

The difference between those music students who are motivated to become life-long musicians, and those that simply play exam pieces every year, was discussed. Although exams are important and offer students an opportunity to learn pieces in great depth, some stop playing at some point in time due to the pressure associated with annual music exams. Noteworthy are parents who ask us to recommend music books that can revitalize and motivate their children to continue playing music. We gladly advise from the variety of possibilities in our store and find that we are always in a position to help these parents.
The current ABRSM violin and Trinity violin and guitar exam books will be valid for all the sessions of 2020. These books are available at 20% discount while stock lasts.

The annual SAMRO Hubert van der Spuy National Music Competition starts on 16 September with a performance by last year’s winner, of Weien Amy Luo with the Hugo Lambrechts Music Centre orchestra.

Allmusic now stocks South African good quality oils by Phat J

For brass and woodwind players, Allmusic now stocks South African good quality oils by Phat J. Prices are competitive and some are bio-degradable. Just send an e-mail for a quotation.

The book series: A Performer’s Guide to Music by ABRSM, has interesting information with chapters on Historical Background, Notation and Interpretation, Keyboards, Strings, Wind Instruments, Singing, and Sources and Editions. Available for Baroque, Classical and Romantic Periods.

For later beginners in theory, the book All In One Theory, from beginners to Grade 5 can be a good solution.  No need to complete each level on its own before moving on.

The seventh edition of the Illustrated Treasury of Disney Songs is in stock. This is a good source for singing in the class room or for Eisteddfod purposes.

Music Room stays the best product for Music in the Class Room. Complete programs for each grade, including lesson plans, recorded music, posters, DVD’s and bird’s eye view of content. Planning in Afrikaans is available on request.

Music stands, orchestral and fold-up, by Hercules, are excellent value for money. Fold up stands come with bags. We also provide the instrument stands by Hercules.

This year the Ukulele’s are really becoming popular.  The instruments has 4 strings, is small and comes in sizes soprano, concert, tenor and bass. Before you know, you can play! Allmusic has several options of good quality Ukulele’s and, as usual provide, the tutors as well. All acoustic instruments can be obtained at Allmusic and we have several cellos on the floor as well as violins, saxophone, trumpets, and affordable Tenor and Bass recorders.

On the floor Lukas van der Walt Pianos have several excellent new and previously used grand and up-right pianos for sale and rental.

Remember to have your piano regularly tuned by a professional piano tuner. How do you know if a tuner is well trained? Firstly, no electronic devices are used to assist in finding the correct pitches - except for the A, and secondly membership of the Professional Piano Tuners Association. Training takes three years to complete and develop the correct technique to tune. We know of quite a few people giving themselves out to be tuners,  but are so called self – taught and don’t have professional diplomas. A tuner is a friend of you and your piano. Make sure you choose well! If you want to verify membership, please feel free to call us.