Allmusic Rentals

Allmusic rents out any available string instrument. These include mainly violins, but we have also rented violas and cellos to clients on demand. For contract details, pricing, and other information, please contact Anna-Marie at 083 760 6774 or email her at


Allmusic welcomes teachers to advertise their services on our website free of charge. This teachers do at their own risk, taking full responsibility for the information placed. Communication concerning change of address, qualifications, contact details, or any other details in the advertisement must be communicated immediately. Allmusic will not be held responsible for any incorrect information, false qualifications, or untrue statements.

Advertisements are for individual teachers only. No public music schools, music institutes, or private music schools will qualify to advertise.

To advertise, teachers must forward the following information to Anna-Marie:

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Repair of Instruments

Allmusic refurbishes and restores Upright and Grand pianos. For a quote, please contact 021 981 5551.

For string instrument repairs we have a luthier who does the normal set-ups, and solves minor problems. A quote will be provided if anything major has to be repaired. We also have the contact details of other luthiers, if required. Please contact Anna-Marie at 083 760 6774 or

Allmusic also facilitates contact details of wind instrument repair technicians. Once again, Allmusic does not charge for this service, but simply contacts the repair technician on behalf of the client, who will collect, quote, and repair on demand.

In all cases, instrumental repairs is against an invoice supplied by the luthier or repair technician, without any extra charge from Allmusic.